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Nested Loops In C

Nested Loops In C: Introduction: In this tutorial we are going to learn about Nested Loops. What are Nested Loops ? Importance of Nested Loops. Nested Loop Syntax. Programs on Nested Loops. 1. What are Nested Loops ? When a loop is present inside another loop or when multiple loops are present inside a loop then it is called Nested loop. If the outer loop statement is true then the inner loop statement is checked and if it is also true then the code inside the inner loop gets executed. Nested loop is similar to nested if statement the only difference is that a nested loop is executed multiple times till the condition don't becomes false while the nested if statement is executed only once if the condition is true. 2. Importance of Nested Loops: Almost all high level programs involves the use of Nested loops. Nested loops are not limited to just themselves but they are also very important to study the further topic of 2-Dimensional array. Various opera