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for loop in C language

Loops in C language: What are loops? Loops are used for performing a task again and again in other words loops are used for checking number of iterations performed. There are 3 main types of loops in c language. for loop while loop do while loop We are going to do for loop in this article with some couple of problems. For executing a loop there are mostly three main steps Initialization Condition Increment or Decrement operator. 1. Initialization: It provides the starting value to the variable to start the loop or the value from where the loop should be started. 2. Condition: It is used for checking the condition if the condition is true than the process is executed until the condition becomes false. 3.Increment or Decrement Operator: It is used for incrementing or decrementing the value variable each time after the loop is executed (i++) -  Increases the value of variable by 1. (i+=1) -  Increases the value of variable by 1. (i=i+1) -